Random Thoughts 2

I’ve finished all my works now, even the java menu although not the wave thingy.
I’m going to go home around 5:30 pm ‘cuz I have to be at Hlaedan by 6 in time for the bus. It’s such a pain that I can’t stay late at work.


Random Thoughts 1

I only get to post the photos yesterday. I still haven’t work on moving my old posts from xanga to here. I’m a little busy at work, trying to do a javascript menu with no experience in java at all. So far I’m almost done with it. I just need to learn how to make the second menu to be a little apart from the first menu. My customer wants me to do wave thingy when he clicks on the links. Waves huh? I wonder where he gets the idea.

I got my first comment on my blog and it was a spam 😦

I’m going to eat now. I might write back here if I have time before lunch time is over.

I took this picture of Sai Sai yesterday. I think they were shooting something at MICT yesterday. The girl in jeans in Moe Hay Ko. I didn’t want to go out so I just took the picture from my office. The picture isn’t really clear but you can still tell him apart. Posted by Picasa