Random Notes About Music

I’ve just finished my work now. The clock just turned to 5 o’clock and I logged into blogger right on time :). Today’s job is another update for a website again. I have to keep doing updates lately. The work isn’t difficult but the original text written in Myanmar was lost so I had to edit the jpg files. That’s kinda tiring but at least I got music to keep me company.

At work, I usually just play 1 Second, Nge Chit Oo 1 & 2, Min A Twat Rock & Hip-hop and Chit Thu Myat Hnar. I don’t have any other Myanmar albums in my pc and I don’t have much English songs to listen to. I am tired of listening to old English songs by now. What I really want to listen to is just kpop ‘but I can’t really do that ‘cuz I’m using the speaker at work. Sometimes if I’m in the mood, I just lowered the volume and listened to a couple of kpop when I get bored. At least some ppl apperciate my Firebird OST.

Nge Chit Oo album has been released into VCD format now. I only have the covers :(. I’ll have to wait for someone to bring them to work.


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