I would have written my post this morning if I did…

I would have written my post this morning if I didn’t have to finish editing a website and burning it on a cd to show to a customer. The process would have been better if I have a cd burner at my pc. As I’m writing this now, Luu Min was shooting a movie (or probably a video) right outside my office. Man I’m so lucky. I always get to see celebs just outside my office. Our office’s camera was low on battery so I only got to take one pic of him but it’s still pretty good enough. I just wish he would stop trying to act younger and act his age.

Anyway, back to my post….I was thinking of writing about coming to work this morning. I don’t know why I always thinking of funny stuffs whenever I’m on the bus. Most of the times it happens on the way from home to Hlaedan or from Hlaedan to home. Peopel might think of me as strange person, just sitting there and smiling to myself. Well…there’s another reason for me to be happy today but I’m not going to write it here.

I’m taking tomorrow off ‘cuz I had to go to my dress maker and shop. I am desparately in need of new cds ‘cuz my hard disk is almost full, mostly filled with Super Rookie dramas which are around 350mbs each. I’m thinking of bringing my own cd writer to work so I can burn these dramas without bothering anybody else.

I should eat lunch now. My thoughts are so mixed up now. I should have them cleared before writing here again. I might not have time to post in the evening ‘cuz a customer of mine is coming and he doesn’t usually leave until 5 pm.


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