I’m browsing Eye Candy section at Shinhwa Changjo…

I’m browsing Eye Candy section at Shinhwa Changjo and there’s this really cute pic of JunJin. Just look at him, he looks like he’s enjoying it.

Shinhwa is a Korean boyband with 6 guys : Minwoo, Hye Sung, Jun Jin, Eric, Dong Wan & Andy. My fav is Minwoo but I also like the rest of the members. Right now, my focus in on Minwoo & Eric (‘cuz I’m watching his dramas).

Last night, I watched the first 30 minutes of Super Rookie Episode 1 and I’m kinda disappointed at first ‘cuz Super Rookie is a comedy and Eric doesn’t impressed me much in there. I’m not saying his actings are not good. It’s just that he looks so hot in Phoenix and I am always starring at his face, can’t take my eyes off him, listening to every words he’s speaking and reading the subtitles at the same time. I just luv his lines. I like him more than the lead actor. He’s kinda scary when he’s angry but I’m glad he’s okay again in last night’s episode.

I just ate lunch now. My cousin who cooks for us woke up late this morning so I only brought rice to work. I had to order from canteen. I was so absorbed viewing Jun Jin’s pics that I forgot to order my lunch when others ordered from the canteen. After my order arrived, everyone has finished eating lunch and I had to eat all that kazun ywet kyaw. I felt like a rabbit chewing all those kazun ywet.


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