Finally I have time to post now. I have been a lit…

Finally I have time to post now. I have been a little busy this morning and at lunch time.

I had a great time yesterday. I met with Ko Poe Thar, Zeng & Ko Young at Hlaedan Mr.Brown Cafe at 1 pm. Ko Poe Thar said he’ll fix my cd writer so we met to give him the cd writer. We moved to Dagon Center ‘cuz Mr.Brown is so noisy and no air-condition. Dagon Center was also crowded but at least the food court on the third floor was quiet and with air-con. I started to get hungry after smelling the food scents. The food are expensive there. My sister had to pay 1000 kyats for a plate of shan fish rice (shan htamin chin). I ate Pauksee and it was delicious. We left Dagon Center around 4 pm and went back to Hlaedan to go to the dress maker. At least she was home that day. After that I went home and arrived around 7 pm, the usual time I always arrive to home on other days. When I got home, I saw my father still watching Super Rookie. I think he’s been watching it all day. Man, even I haven’t even watch it ‘cuz I still missing episode 2 and 3.

Stairway to Heaven will starting airing on MRTV at 7 pm today. I’m listening to the ost right now. It’s the first track of the ost, just piano music. That’s the song Kwon Sang Woo was playing on the piano at the start of the show. I am still excited that it’s coming to MRTV but I’m sad that most ppl I have talked to aren’t that much interested. They just prefer to watch MWD at 7 pm.

I’m leaving work at 6 pm with Ma Khin’s car. She will drop me off at Moe Kaung bus stop and all I had to do was ride 33 bus to my house, just one stop to home.

I planned to burn Shinhwa Summer Story Concert but I still need to configure my softwares. They kept encoding the original files, making them lose qualities. I asked for help to a couple of friends and I’m waiting for their replies.


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