Today I came to work with Su Yi Mon. She came to M…

Today I came to work with Su Yi Mon. She came to MICT for an interview at Global Net. We ate breakfast together and she sat in my office until 9:30 am while I was busy working. I didn’t have much time to talk to her about her interview. I hope she gets the job.

I’m trying a new software called Ashampoo. It’s a pretty cool software. I’m using it to convert my HQ vids and hopes I can burn Shinhwa Concert with it. I wished I had discover it sooner ‘cuz I already burned about 8 vcds of Super Rookie with Nero Express.

I watched Stairway to Heaven on MRTV last night. The sound quality is terrible. You can hardly hear the background music. If I haven’t already watch the drama and listen repeately to the ost, I woudn’t have even recognized the beautiful piano music. The drama was only aired for around 15 minutes and so short. If I haven’t watch the drama, I might have switch the channel. I can’t believe they changed the character names. Jungsuh should be just Jungsuh or John Saw as they pronounced her, not Jan Suu. Song Joo shouldn’t be Sone Juu. Yoori shouldn’t be Yo Lee and they also changed Tae Mira’s name. I forgot her Myanmar given name now. I am so disappointed. I am already sick of those k celebs to be called by their character names instead of their actual name. I was really hoping they will start recognizing the original names of the celebs.

I should eat lunch now.


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