I have been trying to write my post today ‘but ele…

I have been trying to write my post today ‘but electricity kept going on and off since I got back from lunch. Stupid electricity, now I don’t even have time to surf the net. I’ll write about my weekend first.

On Saturday, I left work at 6 pm ‘cuz I was spending the whole day burning ep 13, 14 and 2. Ep 2 didn’t even finish burning L. Guess I’ll have to burn it again. When I got back home, electricity was out and it didn’t come back until 11 pm. By that time, I was already in bed and didn’t want to come out.

On Sunday, I start my day with listening to Shinhwa while drinking coffee. Then I listened to Antibiotic while washing my clothes. I always listen to Shinhwa and Antibiotic on Sundays esp when I’m at home and my father went out. He doesn’t like loud music like Antibiotic. After washing my clothes and hang them out in the sun, my sister and I watched “One Last Call 2”. It’s a sequel to a Japanese horror movie. I haven’t watch the first movie but I watched it anyway. It’s about some people being killed after receiving a phone call which came with a weird creepy ringtone. I wouldn’t have pick up the phone if I knew what kind of call I would receive. This movie doesn’t have much to do with the ghost killer from the first film. It’s another ghost from Taiwan with her mouth sewn together. Creepy little kid. The main actress died in the end but she was killed by the ghost from the first film. She was stabbed with a knife and somehow she went to her boyfriend’s house and stabbed him also. There aren’t much killing in this film. It’s more about going to the coal mine and getting themselves killed, why did they go there in the first place. These people act like people who have never seen horror movies before. They always has to know the answer and get themselves killed. Only one girl survived ‘cuz her boyfriend died for her instead. I didn’t like the film, I got confused with the ending, but atleast Peter Ho was in it. He’ spoke in Japanese in this film.

After the movie, I ate lunch and watched Closer later. I can’t say I love Closer but I don’t hate it. Like my sister said, Jude Law looks pretty cute in those glasses. I can’t really write much review on that movie ‘cuz I myself don’t understand their behaviors.

After the movie, I took a shower and was about to leave home to return the vcd when my friend from Dagon Myo Thit came. She’s getting engaged this month and getting married next month. It’s just so weird that a person like who’s only one year older than me is getting married. She met her boyfriend during Thingyan in 2003 at our house. At that time, I only thought she was interested in him and didn’t take her seriously. Later, I found out that she had been seeing him without letting her father finds out. Her father is pretty strict and he won’t let his daughter out of the house without her mother. Later, the guy started visiting her house pretty often and her father found out one day. He told the guy to marry his daughter and he’s going to live with his inlaws. It’s too quick in my opinion. I am not quite happy about this. My friend still haven’t pass her 10th grade exam (she stopped taking them) and she doesn’t know much about the outside world. Her boyfriend can’t really support the family with his salary. I want her to pass 10th grade and get a job. It’s not like her parents are going to support her forever. Actually, I got tired of seeing the couple together ever since last Thingyan. They kinda ruined my mood during Thingyan and I stopped visiting her place.

Anyway back to my weekend, I went to the rental shop and rented Herbie Reloaded movie with Lindsey Lohan. I watched about 20 mins of the movie before switching the channel to MWD. Then 15 minutes later, the electricity went off and didn’t came back until 11:15 pm. I waited for the electricity to finish watching the movie ‘cuz I won’t have time to watch today. The movie was pirated of course (how else can I watch foreign movies in Myanmar) and it stopped at the climax of the movie. Gosh, I didn’t get to see the ending.

I don’t have much time left to surf the net. I won’t write about today ‘cuz nothing much to write about except my dream about Eric. It’s pretty funny.


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