Monday Today I woke up at 8 am and ate breakfast…


Today I woke up at 8 am and ate breakfast and washed my clothes while listening to Korean ost selections. After I finished washing the clothes, I cleaned my room and washed Super Rookie. I watched 4 episodes of Super Rookie and I’m addicted to it now. I already wrote about how much I like Eric but after watching Super Rookie, I am also interested in the other actor, Oh Ji Ho. He’s handsome too. I just wish Eric would cut his hair but if he cut his hair, I think it would have changed his appearance as Kang Ho. I can’t believe he actually passed the written exam and passed the interviews with no knowledge in English or business. After episode 4, the time was around 4 pm so I stopped watching and listened to Yuzana while talking a bath. Then I went to the book rental shop and rented Weik Zar cartoon. Then I ironed my clothes while watching tv. I had to be careful not to burn my pants while watching Stairway to Heaven ‘cuz my eyes were fixed on Lee Wan. Some of the scenes were cut out but at least they didn’t cut out one of my favorite scene of Lee Wan putting his fingers into a square and waiting for Jungsul while she came into view of the square. After Stairway to Heaven was finished, I watched Kyaw Nyar Chit Thu. I missed out some of the episodes ‘cuz of the stupid electricity which always went out during the 7 pm drama time. I was disappointed to watch this episode ‘cuz Lee Dong Gun wasn’t in the episode. I don’t know where he disappeared to. I hope he didn’t left the drama like Bae Doo Na. Won Bin and the lead girl looks so cute together and they are already a couple now. Man I missed out a lot ‘cuz of the electricity. When the news came, I just listen for a few mins about Prime Minister going to China. Maybe I might get to see my sis Ei Shan on TV when he came to Ygn. After dinner, I starting writing here and only stopped when the new drama came on MRTV. It’s a drama with Song Yun Ah. I think it’s a comedy. Song Yun Ah looks so pretty. I don’t know the actor’s name. He’s not handsome and he looks more like a comedian and his voice sounds so funny. I’m going to find information about this on the net tomorrow. Now I have to read Weit Zar before I go to sleep ‘cuz I won’t have time to read it tomorrow. I don’t have time to edit my photos now. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.


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