Saturday I really had no work to do except chang…


I really had no work to do except change the color of an umberalla logo of one of my customer. That customer kept asking me to change the color everyday. One day he wanted it gold, another day he wanted it orange-yellow, the next day he wants it light yellow. Now I made it somewhere between yellow and green. I still think I will have to change the color when I get back to work on Tuesday. The original color was white but he wanted it gold so my boss told me to download Pear Factory from the internet and he himself edit the picture but still the customer wasn’t satisfied enough. I don’t really think it’s part of our job to redesign logos to customer satisfactions. So after I finished with the logo, I decided to just check back on another website while surfing the net. Although I was free, I didn’t feel like doing anything that day. I spent most of my times in Shinhwa Changjo, reading the news articles. I didn’t have many files to download and my hard disk is almost full again. I really need to buy cds to finally clear them all out. It’s not actually my own personal hard disk so I don’t want to be scolded for using too many spaces. Another problem is that one of the marketing guy put his folder in the hard disk and he uses up around 8 GB while I use up 16GB and someone also used about 3GB. He told me he’ll move that folder but his drive is also full with mp3s and vcds. I also put some files in his pc (he he….I couldn’t find any other place to hide my Shinhwa concert videos). I asked my sister to buy the cds for me at Yuzana Plaza but she won’t be able to buy them until Wednesday. My family will have to wait until that day to continue watching Super Rookie ‘cuz I ran out of cds. When I got home, my mother wasn’t home ‘cuz she went to pick up orchids for us to wear on Sunday. She was pissed at Su Yi Mon ‘cuz she came to our home at 5 pm (she had job interview that day). By the time they arrived to the orchid garden, it was already dark so my mother couldn’t choose the flowers well and she couldn’t get the orchids she wanted for my sister to wear. She also couldn’t get orchids for herself ‘cuz she couldn’t see them. She doesn’t like to go out with my friends ‘cuz they always came late and she always miss out whatever she planned to do that day.


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