Sunday Just like the name, it was a sunny day. O…


Just like the name, it was a sunny day. Our makeup artists came earlier ‘cuz we have to wear our graduation gown and graduation hat. I don’t know better words to call them. In other countries, they just put them on their hat but for us girls, we had to pin it on our hair ‘cuz we also put on flowers on our hair. I put on red orchids on my hair that day. My sister used purple orchid. I wore a gray blouse and gray cheit htamin that day. After I putted on my gown, an orchid was pinned to it which gave me trouble the whole day ‘cuz it kept coming off and my mother had to pinned it again and again. We left early that day to take photos in front of the Jackson building. I didn’t notice at first but when I looked back in the photos, the buildings looks like it was a sketch picture. I was pretty amazed by it. On our way to the graduation hall, we met one of our classmates. She was the pregnant lady in our tuition. We chatted for awhile and left to find our friends. Su Yi Mon came with her mother and uncle. We also met Khine Yu Wai and her family there. We didn’t get to take much photos ‘cuz it was starting to drizzle. We went into the auditorium and we were seated at the second row. Since I took distant education, I didn’t get to attend the university much so I didn’t get to make friends. I didn’t know anybody there. So it was kinda weird, being surrounded by strangers, people you don’t even remember even if you saw them before but at least I got Su Yi Mon, Khine Yu Wai and my sister sitting on the same row. Our roll numbers were in order. While we were sitting there, suddenly there was a loud bang from the sine wine at the corner of the room. Most of us were put our hands on our chests for being scared by the loud noise. Then the sine wine starting playing the traditional music and the professors walk slowly, really slowly like a turtle in slow motion to the stage while all of us students were standing up. When everyone went up on the stage, there was another loud bang and we put our hands on the chests again. This time, the sine wine played the national anthem and I lowered my head while singing the song in my mind. Finally, we were allowed to sit down. Then the students in the first row started walking to the stage and pretty soon, I was walking to the stage and walked on the stage to the professor and took the certificate and walked to the other end of the stage. Then I went into the little room again and took my photo and walked back to my seat. Then I had to sit and wait until all the students were handed out the certificates. There were about 200 students in our major, about 300 in Eco and some 50 in Chemistry and some 50 in Botany. Later I found out that those chemistry and botany students came all the way from Sittwe. That’s why there were fewer students in their majors. Soe Thura Htay, the rapper from Too Big was also in our major and when he went on the stage, Khine Yu Wai recognized him immediately while I was confusing him with his brother Zaw Htay. The ceremony procedures were in the little green book given out to us and that book also contained the list of students who applied to attend the ceremony. I saw one of the guy I know from my major in the list but he didn’t came to the ceremony. Too bad, I was hoping to see him in graduation gown and hat. After everyone finished going on the stage, the professor gave a speech to us which I didn’t bother to listen ‘cuz I already read it from the green book and I was pissed about the credit system of the university which he mentioned in the speech. After he finished with speech, there was a loud bang and the traditional music started playing again and professors came down the stage walking in slow motion again while I was saying in my mind, pls walk quickly…pls walk quickly.. Then the students were paired in two, with one person from the one side of the room and one from the other side of the room. The camera man scolded me for looking down while walking in front of the camera. Finally we were outside but we had to wait for our parents to come out. I was tired by that time and my orchid on my chest was starting to wither. My father said he had a headache but my sister wante to take photos at the studio while we had on makeup, So my father drove to Kyawt Maung Maung Nyunt and we took our photos there. It was quite there. I was expecting the place to be crowded with students but it wasn’t, just a guy and his parents taking photos. The price for each photo was 1000 kyats while other studios near the university cost only 800 kyats but I think Kyawt Maung Maung Nyunt will be better. My mother fixed my orchid brooch with a fake flower brooch from the studio. I hope my picture turned out nice ‘cuz I took the photos without my glasses and I couldn’t help straining my eyes while looking at the camera ‘cuz I couldn’t see. After our pictures were taken, we took a photo with our parents and left for home. Sunday was the day before Thadingyut but we didn’t prepare for anything, didn’t even have candles to light up around the house. I watched Attic Cat that night to episode 7. I’m starting to think Attic Cat is similar to Full House and Kim Rae Won kept reminding me to Bi. I kept seeing Bi when I look at Kim Rae Won. Jung Da Bin is pretty good at acting. She was in “The Guy was Cool” but I didn’t like that movie.


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