Thursday I’ll write about my Rehearsal Day exper…


I’ll write about my Rehearsal Day experience on Thursday. I was kinda lazy to write about it on Saturday although I was free the whole day. My day started with waking up in the living room, I slept there ‘cuz a cockroach hid under my mattress and I couldn’t share the same bed with a coachroach. I didn’t get much sleep and my mother woke up early, she woke everyone up saying the makeup artists will come any minutes. They only came at 10:30 am and my sister started first while I put on nail polish. I don’t know why most makeup artists are gay. Our artists are gay too but I felt comfortable with them ‘cuz they don’t try to act girly (well…the hairstyle guy acted a little bit girly but the other guy is fine….) This was my first time having my face prepared with a makeup artist and also first time I ever put on makeup like that. Usually, I don’t put on makeup…I just put thanaka and put some powder on my face and put on lipstick or lip-gloss. I don’t like to put on makeup. Anyway, I think I looked fine with my makeup. I used to think that my face will look so white like a ghost or I would look like a person who had no idea how to put on makeup but our makeup artists are pretty good. Actually, our makeup is the best among our friends. They are not all that famous artists, just from the neighborhood, but they are better than those artists with reputations. The only problem was that they put green eyeshadow on my sister which made her eyes look smaller. They put my hair up and put a crown on my hair. They said it’s one of the hairstyle of Eindra Kyaw Zin. I chose to wear a blue blouse and blue and white cheit htamain and my sister wore a pink blouse and pink and white cheit htamin. Our htamain are the same design, only the colors differ from each other. I didn’t eat much ‘cuz I was afraid I’ll ruin my lipstick, boy was I starving when I was in the auditorium. We left home around 12:30 pm and pick up my friend, Su Yi Mon at 12 Lone Tan. She didn’t prepare her makeup with an artist that day. Her cousin helped her with the makeup. When we arrived to Yangon University, we took a lot of photos with my mother and father arguing which position is the best to take pictures. My mother has her own camera out while my father took photos with our digital camera. Khine Yu Wai came a little bit late ‘cuz her makeup artist didn’t come until 12:30. I tried not to make any comments about her makeup and her hairdo. At 2 pm we went into the auditorium and had to sit there with a long time. There were more than 1000 students in our major (but half of them have graduations in the morning and we had it in the afternoon) and they were all gathered in the auditorium that day to explain about the procedure of the graduation ceremonies and how people make mistakes while walking on stage. Then we had to practice walking on stage. They call us by our roll numbers and since I was on no. 808, I had to wait a long time. The electricity was out so the air-con weren’t working. Luckily, we bought some fans outside and fanned ourselves while waiting. When it was time for us to get up on stage, we walked to the stage in a single file and wait for our turns. When it was my turn, I gave my name card to one of the teacher and she called my name. I looked straight ahead and walk to the cross sign on the floor. That’s where the professor who would be handing out the graduation certificate would be standing, took the white envelope and walked to the other end of the stage. I was so afraid that I would trip on stage if I wore high heels so I only wore regular velvet slipper. When we went out, we went into another small room and took our photos and went out straight. Luckily for us, it stopped raining by the time we came out and we went straight home.


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