The offical price for gas has risen from 1 galleon…

The offical price for gas has risen from 1 galleon= 180 kyats to 1 galleon= 1500 kyats starting from Today. Do these people actually think before raising the prices? Now prices will risen due to the gas prices. Since I ride gyarcar from Hlaedan, the prices will surely be high now. It’s already 150 kyats and I was hoping that it would get lower. Today I was late for work ‘cuz I woke up at 7:10 am and came downstairs at 8 am. My mother said I’m a slowpoke but I’m not. I used to be faster ‘cuz I take bath quicky and rubbed thanakha on my face, combed my hair in 1 mins and came downstairs without looking in the mirror. But ever since I came back from Bkk, I have changed a little. I am starting to care about my beauty more. (Pae Myar Lar Pyi :P)

Anyway, since I was late, there was no buses to Hlaedan by the time I arrived at the bus stop. I saw a 168 bus and decided to try it. I rode to Thamine Junction and rode another bus to Than Lan bus stop. Then I walked back to MICT and arrived to work at 9:10 am. Not bad, huh. If I was waiting for 42 bus, I might arrive late. I have been late twice already this month and took leaves for one day. If I’m late, I get 200 kyats cut off for each day and 500 kyats cut off for day leave. The late cut off fees are collected at the end of the month and the office use it to buy coffeemix and instant noodles. Not bad through. I still get to drink coffee more than I paid for.

My sister will be going to Yuzana Plaza today. I asked her to check out Music King for new Shinhwa vcds. I usually buy Shinhwa products from that store. I know it’s not actual products but I can’t afford the real ones. I can download them off the net but I prefer to buy the pirate cds for Shinhwa stuffs.


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