I’m currently listening to Shinhwa Summer Story album ‘cuz someone else is playing Yan Aung vcd and I am not in the mood to listen to Yan Aung. I used to really like him but I don’t like him that much anymore. I don’t know why people are making such a big fuss over his vcd, just because he performed together with other celebs like Nandar Hlaing, May Than Nu, Eindra Kyaw Zin, Khine Thin Kyi (whose voice is terrible), etc. One day, I’ll really buy an earphone for myself and listen to kpop music with it so that I don’t have those songs which I don’t even listen at home. I hope I can listen to music with an earphone through. It’s kinda aganist the rule but everyone is doing so.

Why do I love kpop music? I have no answer to that question. When I’m usually at home, I always listen to Shinhwa’s 7th album. It’s my fav Shinhwa album. Sometimes I listen to other albums like BoA’s jpop albums, Stairway to Heaven OST or Full House OST. I’ll need to burn Minwoo’s album & HyeSung’s album so that I can listen at home.