MICT vs Myanmar Info Tech
Yeah, that’s right. MICT has been changed to Myanmar Info Tech now. I don’t know why they bothered to change the name. Now we became representative of MIT (Myanmar Information Technology) company. I’m still going to use the name MICT even if they changed the name.

I wrote about gas prices rising up. We are all being effected by it. Now bus fares have risen. Yesterday, I had to pay 60 kyats to go from Than Lan to Hlaedan when riding the 48 bus. I was really angry about it. Today I had to pay 40 kyats to come to Than Lan. I don’t know the prices of 42 bus (big ones). Today I paid 80 kyats for the small 42 bus.

I don’t want my posts to be filled with my bus experiences but that’ s all I can think about right now.