I decided to change my blog template. I’m going to…

I decided to change my blog template. I’m going to use this temporarily now until I designed a new one. I thought it might be hard to design one but after seeing this design, it’s not so hard. I’m not really all that artistic or creative so I’ll probably just replace the flower pic with something and replace the color. I’m thinking of using baby blue or just somewhere around blue. Sea green is not really my color.

I don’t know why but I could never get anything done on Saturdays. I didn’t even have much work to do but it took me until 4 pm to finish updating an online catalog site and all I had to do was add some items. I didn’t do much web surfing either. I was chatting with Ei Shan and when I looked at the clock, it was 4pm. Time flies by so fast. I didn’t even have time to burn cds to clear my pc. I chatted with Ko Poe Thar and he told me to give him a few days to give back my cd writer. I need it ‘cuz I have so many cds to watch at home. I just finished watching episode 11 of Attic Cat and I can’t continue ‘cuz I burned episode 12 to 16 on a CD.

Attic Cat is so similar to Full House. I do like Attic Cat but I kept thinking about Full House whenever I watch it. Kim Rae Won reminds me of Bi so much esp when he smiles and when he was being wake up, he says “why, why, why” just like Bi did in Full House. The second actor, Lee Hyun Woo reminds me so much of Kim Soon Suk’s character in Full House. Lee Hyun Woo’s character, Dong June is such a nice boss. Min Hyuk was being so nice to Ji Eun ‘cuz he likes her and so do Dong June to Jung Eun. It’s hard to find guys like that except in Korean dramas. Just like Yong Jae, Kyung Min won’t admit his feelings for Ji Eun and when he admits his feelings, he got interrupted by Jung Eun, telling him to break up with her. The same thing happened in Full House. I want to watch Full House again but I’m just too busy watching other dramas. I just don’t have enough time to re-watch Full House. I still have Super Rookie to watch and other dramas like Wedding, Let’s Go to the Beach (I have subtitles to episode 5 now), Secret Lovers, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Sangdoo. I’m just trying to finish Attic Cat then I’ll watch the rest, one by one. After I finished downloading Sangdoo & MNIKSS, I’ll download Love Story in Harvard. I’ve wanted to watch it ever since I started liking Kim Tae Hee. She looks so pretty in the drama. I read a review about in Tharaphyu magazine and couldn’t stop looking at the photos. In the review, it is said that Kim Rae Won’s English is terrible. That’s true. He can’t even say ‘Albany’ right in Attic Cat.

Well, enough about Korean dramas for now. I was thinking about writing about Sai Sai’s album on Saturday but I didn’t get the chance. I was given his album cover to add to the online catalog and I am so impressed by it. This is the first time someone in Myanmar did an album cover like that. Nobody I know give much though on cd covers like that. When I unfolded the cover, there was a pic of him which I want to put on the wall but I can’t ‘cuz it came along with the cover. I already got his album from Ko Big Ox. He bought his album on the promotion show at Blazon. I can’t believe he bought 7 albums. The first 500 people who bought the cd received a ticket to his fan meeting party. The party got canceled ‘cuz of the bombings at Traders on Friday. There’s an announcement in the newspaper telling those ppl who got the tickets to exchange them with his vcd when it comes out. I am so shocked by it. Can you imagine giving away 500 vcds? That will hurt his vcd sales. He didn’t even have to do a fan meeting party but he gives so many thoughts for his fans and now he’s giving away his vcds as in replacement for the party. He also did some lucky draw program to have dinner with him after the release of Sai Sai Live Show vcd. I wasn’t really into him at that time and my mother didn’t mail my entry. Now that I think about it, he included a photo sticker book along with the vcd. I have always bought his albums (tapes) and vcds. I only didn’t buy when he do collaborations with other singers and his live show dvd ‘cuz I already bought the vcd. I was actually pissed at that time and thought that he ripped us off ‘cuz he released it only after the vcd release. He had released them at the same time, I might have bought the dvd version ‘cuz it included a few more songs than the vcd.

I had been a fan of Sai Sai after seeing his commercials on TV. I didn’t buy his first album at first ‘cuz I didn’t know what kind of songs he sang in there and I didn’t get much money at that time. When ACID came out, I listened to their album and was impressed by Sai Sai. I still remember that my sister and I searched every music store on Anawyahtar Road until we find his album. The album wasn’t all the great ‘cuz it was so mixed up with hip-hop and pop. It took me awhile to buy his second album but I finally did it and I love it. I even went to his vcd promotion show at Junction 8. I couldn’t see him performing ‘cuz so many people blocking my view. I still hang his poster with his signature in my room. I didn’t like his 3rd album that much (I only liked Wan Nae Hmat Tan and a couple of song and I got annoyed by him after seeing his commercials on TV. I didn’t like his vcd also but I still bought it when I could just copy it. After awhile, I like him again after reading Ko Big Ox’s posts about him and I got used to hearing his songs.

His 4th album is pretty good. I like almost all the tracks. I only didn’t like track 11. I think he doesn’t sing copy songs or he doesn’t copy directly anymore. I still haven’t chose my fav song yet. I’m going to buy his album when I get my salary along with the lyric book. I only know some lyrics to track 2, “Tha Nge Chin Lay Pae Dat”. I felt sad to hear his song about his parents and the song dedicated to his friend who passed away. He also sang back to Kyat Pha’s song. In Kyat Pha’s song, he said “real hip-hop has no love” and Sai Sai said back “who said that real hip-hop has no love”. I don’t know people look down on hip-hop music. I read about his experience at Hotel Nikko and I’m angry at those people who threw water bottles at him. They also threw water bottles to Examplez and Phyo Mg got into a fight with one of the bottle throwers after Thet Aung got hit at his private part. I don’t like Examplez but I don’t want anybody to get hurt while performing on stage. If these people didn’t like hip-hop, they shouldn’t go in the first place unless they can control themselves. According to one of the guy who went to the show, most of the crowd was filled with punk fans who came to watch Big Bag and Alex. Nobody threw water bottles at them. It’s just not fair. The show’s organizers should be responsible for lack of security for the performers.

I have to go to video rental shop and return the video I rented yesterday. It’s a video with Lu Min and Eindra Kyaw Zin. It’s a copy version of “Too Beautiful to Lie” and I was so stupid to think that it might been funny ‘cuz I liked the original movie so much. I wanted to see Eindra Kyaw Zin’s acting ‘cuz Kim Ha Neul’s is so funny when she lied to Kim Dong Wan’s parents while he was being hit by everyone in the family. I am so disappointed. I will never borrow a Korean movie remake videos again. Lu Min is nowhere close to Kang Dong Wan. He doesn’t even got hit much. No crazy grandmother in the movie either. Eindra Kyaw Zin just a pure innocent girl who just didn’t leave Lu Min’s family ‘cuz she couldn’t’ take off the ring. Yah, why doesn’t she just take it off with some soaps and oils? She didn’t have to wait until the end of the movie to do that. I don’t want to compare Myanmar celebs with Korean celebs but when they kept copying Korean movies, I can’t help comparing them. Now this reminds me of what I read on Saturday. I was browsing Star Gallery section about Eric on planet.com.mm and they said Eric looks like Wai Lu Kyaw. I was so angry at that time and there was more. They said Shinhwa is a hip-hop band. So I wrote back to them on the comments section saying that they must be out of their mind to compare Eric with Wai Lu Kyaw and that Shinhwa is not a hip-hop band like so called hip-hop bands in Myanmar. Everyone knows that they are a Korean pop band. Normally, I just ignore those kinda things but when it comes to Shinhwa, I just can’t ignore it. I hope they posted my message on the comment section.

Sunday, 6:20 PM


2 thoughts on “I decided to change my blog template. I’m going to…

  1. Shame on Myanmar movies! Too bad they copied a movie which they can’t compete in anything. Your post is a bit long 😛 he he . I could’t finish reading. Still its very nice to read your blog.


  2. yah…After watching myanmar movies, I often felt that I waste my time…btw,a little shorter post will be easy to read..But I like to read your blog..

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