Gyar Car

Today I came to work via gyar car. I missed the 42 bus by a few seconds :(. I had to pay 200 kyats for gyar car and 40 kyats for 51 bus. I also missed the 51 bus by a few seconds so I had to wait 20 mins for the 51 bus. I used to take the bus from Insein Road but after riding in 51 buses, I became lazy to walk from Than Lan to MICT. When I go home, I have to pay 40 kyats again to get to Hlaedan and if there aren’t any 42 buses, I have to pay 200 kyats for gyar car which don’t go to Kyaukgone at nights. I had to take 33 bus, pay another 40 kyats to get home. In total, that’s 520 kyats for one day bus fee. If this continues, I’ll be spending more than 10000 kyats every month just on bus fares. I’m getting a headache now and felt like crying. I better take the Thamine-Kyaukgone bus home instead of gyar car.

wanna know what a real failure is?

1) go to (click on):
2.) type failure
3.) press the I’m feeling lucky button (instead of the Google search one)
4.) check out how real it is!!!!
5.) Forward to others before the Google folks fix this

credit to sis Ei Shan who forwarded this to me.