Not in the mood to write today. Someone deleted a file I downloaded a week ago and I couldn’t download it again. So I’ll just post a pic of Bi from his new drama.


Although yesterday was a holiday, I didn’t really …

Although yesterday was a holiday, I didn’t really do much at home. I couldn’t use the pc in the morning ‘cuz my sister was playing games and I couldn’t listen to music or watch vcds ‘cuz my brother still got exams. I only listened to a couple of songs and whenever I insert vcds into the player to watch, my brother always came downstairs. I got tired to closing and then opening the vcd over and over again. He better finish his exam soon.

I waited the whole day for a phone call from Ko Poe Thar. I couldn’t call his house and I was hoping he would call me. I really need my cd-writer back now. Bi’s new drama just aired on Monday and I’m currently downloading it now. The subs are even out for that drama (wow…really fast). I have been waiting for a long time to watch this drama. I better get the cd writer quick.