If you think my post is pretty long now, there’s m…

If you think my post is pretty long now, there’s more. I wore a little short skirt which went above my knees and my father didn’t approve it. He didn’t say much in the morning but he just talked about how he used to love wearing traditional clothes and it would have been okay for me to wear that skirt if I was 18 but since I am a graduate person now I shouldn’t dress like that. Why does he kept mentioning about the stupid degree which you can’t do anything with except filling out job forms. I know that skirt was short but I like wearing it. I actually have 2 skirts of the same kind, khaki and pink, which I bought while I was in BKK. I may be a graduate person but I’m only 21 now. The skirts weren’t that short when I bought them but I can’t help becoming a little bit taller. Even if I get older, I shouldn’t be criticized about what I should wear and what I shouldn’t wear. I like to dress only what I want to wear. I love wearing short skirts and short dresses and I’m still going to do so, whether my father likes it or not. I really hate it when someone told me not to wear what I want to wear. I have to wear htamin skirts on weekdays so I always try to wear something different on weekends. It’s not like I’m spending all my money on clothings. I haven’t even buy any clothings ever since I got back to Ygn. It’s like expressing me in a way I can, without overdoing or anything. One can never be young again and should appreciate the time when you are still young and enjoy yourself.


2 thoughts on “If you think my post is pretty long now, there’s m…

  1. Hi,

    I am not against wearing short skirts. But it doesn’t look good when it becomes skimpy. I think you know what I mean. If the skirt is just above your knees, its fine.

    No offence! Short skirts doesn’t look good on Myanmar girls since most of them have pretty big legs.

    It’s nice to read your blog. You really write well.


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