Sandar’s birthday is today but since it was on a w…

Sandar’s birthday is today but since it was on a weekday, she celebrated her birthday with us yesterday. She called my sister on Saturday night to come to her house and go to the movies. We were supposed to go to Su Yi Mon’s house first and go with her to Sandar’s house but we left without going to her house. We were the first ones to arrive. My sister sat in front of the computer and immediately uses the internet. I was supposed to check her mails but I forgot to bring them home. Su Yi Mon and Khine Yu Wai came together 15 minutes later. We sang some karaoke at her house before leaving the house at 2 pm. It was raining before but it stopped by the time we went out. We decided not to go to the movies ‘cuz it would just be a waste of time to watch the movies. I was hungry by that time so Sandar took us to this food court at Excel Tower. I forgot the name of the place. I order fried rice and American Coffee which was too strong for me. I kept adding so many teaspoons of sugar but it was still strong for me.

Sandar only wanted to go downtown to gather information about an American university which opened a branch office in Yangon. I think it’s a scheme ‘cuz we couldn’t find out much information about the university in America. There’s a website for the university but there wasn’t much information about the campus area and stuff. Also, the girl from the information desk wouldn’t let us keep the price information paper. My friend learned about the university from an advertisement via her e-mail. At first they told her to attend Business English class before attending the other courses but after they learned that she already got her degree, they told her that she can attend without attending Business English class. Her mother was really interested in that course and told my sister to attend it. My sister was also thinking about doing so until she learned the price. It’s $300 for a 3 month course. Why would anybody spend $300 for a Business English class, even if you get a certificate from some university you never heard of before? My sister tried to search for it at Yahoo directory but couldn’t find that school in the state they mentioned. She did find out the fact that that university opened in 2004.

After we left that place, we still had time before eating dinner so we went window shopping at Bogyoke Market. The market was almost closed when we got there. We ate barbeque at a place near Sandar’s house. The food aren’t so bad but the prices were quite high. I felt “arr nar tae” for her ‘cuz she already spent so much on lunch and taxi fees. I like the barbeque fish the most. She also took us to her home with a taxi ‘cuz although it was only 7pm, the road was quite clear with less passengers and it wasn’t good for us to walk to her house. We took a taxi home, with each of us dropping near our houses.

My sister bought Ye’ Lay album and I just love it. In that cd, there’s a small calendar with his pic and my sister told me that I can have it ‘cuz she didn’t like it and the pic was too big for her wallet. So I put in my wallet and now she took it out and put it in her wallet.

A political video called “Kyae Zin Winn Dat Shan Yoma” with Lu Min, Eindra Kyaw Zin, Nine Nine, Thet Mon Myint and Zin Zin Zaw Myint. The video was released a month ago and aired on MRTV on Saturday and Sunday. I watched some parts of it last night and I got annoyed with Thet Mon Myint’s voice. I really couldn’t hear what they were saying. On Sunday, it included the part about the May bombings at Dagon Center. Lu Min was part of those ppl who are responsible for the bombings (don’t argue with me…that’s what the story said….) and his mother got hurt in the leg. My father was saying that the director should have let her die to make it a tragedy or cut her leg off. I told him that if she died, one more person would have been added to the list of the people which the government had listed. Beside she would have to talk big words to her son anyway.


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