I’ve watched Bi’s first concert, “Rainy Day Conce…

I’ve watched Bi’s first concert, “Rainy Day Concert” Wedneday night. It’s a great concert. Although I like Bi, I never have listened to all of the songs in his albums. I only know a couple of songs from the first album, “Running Away from the Sun” song from the second album and some songs in his 3rd album but those songs which I knew were included in the concert. There was some annoying parts in the concert, such as the performance with the girl in orange shirt who wasn’t really dancing. She was just shaking her butt to the audience. Then there was this performance where 3 girls in tight leather short pants swarmed around Bi and ripped off his shirt. I was saying “Get your off hands off Bi” when I saw them. They also took off their shirts later in the performance. No, don’t worry…they had something like a sport bra on but I was shocked at first too. I couldn’t even concentrate on what Bi was singing at that ime ‘cuz I was so pissed at those girls. One lucky girl was pulled on stage and Bi sang a song to her and gave her a teddy bear, a bouquet and put a ring on her finger. The girl is so lucky. There was a song which put me in a sad mood. When he sang “I Can’t Get Used to It”, he was crying while singing. I couldn’t understand what he said afterward but I think he said he missed his mother who died of cancer. After talking about his mother and saying he loves his father, ( I only understand some Korean words like abugyi, ohmoeni and sarang nae in his talking) Bi started dancing to another song which put me out of the sad mood. The last song he sang was “To You” which is dedicated to his fans.

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