I am writing this from another person’s pc ‘cuz it…

I am writing this from another person’s pc ‘cuz it’s one of the few pcs which are connected to the internet. I’m still scanning my pc for virus and I haven’t find anything but it’s still not finished. It takes a long time to scan all the drives in my pc. It’s not infected but I have to be sure before I connect it with other pcs.

Last night, I watched episode 6 and half of episode 7 of “Wedding”. I was a little bit mad at Ryu Si Won’s character, Seung-woo in the drama. Jang Nara character, Sena, admitted to her newly wed husband that he wasn’t her first man and she used to like a guy for 3 days. After she confessed to Seung-woo, he doesn’t even want to look straight. He’s the one who promised her that he won’t make her cry and he’ll make her happy. I was about to finish watching but my father told me to sleep. I want to stay up late but he wont’ allow me to do so.

If you want to know what “Wedding” is about, you can read it here.


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