Last night I went out to dinner with my workmates….

Last night I went out to dinner with my workmates. We ate dinner at Penguin Snack bar at Kyauk Myaung. Half of us left early from work to order ahead while waiting for the rest to come. When we arrived there, there were some guys who were drinking. Two guy sat a table near us and drank alcohol while a group of guys sat a little far from us. Those guys were pretty noisy. They kept singing along with the karaoke vcd and I didn’t even felt like listening to Yuzana after that. Our boss and the rest were late due to traffic so we had to wait a long time for them. Some of my work mates ordered cocktails and one of them told me to drink but I refuse. I don’t like to drink anything to do with alcohol or related to alcohol. The food aren’t so bad but I don’t want to go there again. The owner apologized to us about the drunk guys after they left though. One of the guy drank a lot of cocktails and he was pretty drunk. He doesn’t bother ppl but he threw up in the car while we were on the way to M3 to sing karaoke. He tried to get to the window in time but some parts went in the car. At that time, I even felt like throwing up. ( I just can’t stand seeing ppl throwing up or hearing them throwing up. I always felt like throwing up also). The girl next to me gave to something to inhale. Maybe she was scared that I might throw up on her πŸ˜›

When we got to M3, we had to skip over the thrown up stuffs near the car door and went into the karaoke lounge. We sang karaoke for nearly 2 hours. My boss left early and asked whether I want to leave eary. I told that I’ll stay. How can I leave without singing “A Chit Shi Taw Nae Swel Myar”. It was first time singing that song on karaoke but I think I did well. I also sang some songs from “Yuu Aung Chit Mi Thu” album. I couldn’t keep up with the raps but I did fine with the melodies.

I uploaded “A Chit Shi Taw Nae Swel Myar’ music video on filefront. This will probably be the last time I’ll upload Myanmar music videos without reducing the quality. I can’t say I luv this mv but it’s one of my fav song. My sis was quite addicted to it when it came out. I thought she was just making a fuss out of nothing but I also came to like this song so much.

Download “A Chit Shi Taw Nae Swel Myar”

Here’s a pic of singing “A Chit Shi Taw Nae Swel Myar


2 thoughts on “Last night I went out to dinner with my workmates….

  1. I tried to dl the song several time choosing the one with “no wait”. But it always end up with a message to wait 1 minute. I waited every time. but dl never happened.

    U should never upload files there. It will b just a waste.

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