Finally about myself

Finally about myself, I went to pay worship to some of my relatives this morning with my parents and my sister. My brother had to do overtime duty so he couldn’t come with us. We went to my grandmother’s house first. Although she’s the only grandmother I have now, I hardly visit her unless I’m with my parents. I’m just not close with relatives from my father’s side. Then we went to my aunt’s house. She’s also from my father’s side. Her house is almost exact like our house on the outside. They rebuilt it after we rebuilt our house, using the same design my father used. Well, I don’t want to comment on their house. After we left her house, we visited Nandar’s house. Her family moved to Myittarnyunt a month ago. We met her family back in US and we kept in touch with each other. I chatted with her for awhile. She told me that she saw our books at Ice Youth Foundation library. Before we went to BKK, we donated some children books to Ice Youth including the Babysitter’s Club. BSC books are in a series and I had most of the books. I was a big fan of BSC when I was younger and I collected them whenever I have money. I thought that it will be better to just donate them to a library rather than sell them and got the series separated. I think Ice Youth should give me some kinda of membership since I donated so many books to their library. If not, I’ll have to pay to become their member. I want to borrow some Michael Crichton books from there.

Anyway, after we left her house, we went to our uncle’s house. This uncle is from my mother’s side and I’m pretty close to his family ever since I was a child. I used to visit their house during holidays and stay there for a couple of days during Thadingyut and Thazaungmone ‘cuz my uncle got a lot of food during those days. And also I get to eat so many food cooked from the street. I stayed there for 3 months after I get back from US, to study for 10th grade. I wasn’t that happy with them ‘cuz I didn’t get along with them. One day we got into a big fight and they said we were pretty rude to talk back to the elders. They called my father and we went home with him. Now I visit them sometimes but I don’t sleep over anymore.

I should get off now but before I go, I will just add a few more things. Cartoonist Mg Wanna, creator of Thamain Paw Thout and Cartoonist Swe Min (Da Nu Phyu), creator of Toot Pi have passed away on Nov 10 and Nov 11. I am a fan of Thamain Paw Thout and I’m sad by the news that both cartoonists have passed away. Now I have no other comic books to read beside Weik Zar.


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