Full House

I was quite busy on Monday due to work and I didn’t have time to write on my blog. Now I have a lot to write. I have so much to say and I’ll post them all one by one.

First, I’ll start my post with Full House. Full House is a Korean drama starring Bi (Rain) and Song Hye Gyo. It’s a love story between Bi and Song Hye Gyo.

Here’s a summary from Korean National Tourism website.

Han Ji-eun lives alone in the house that she inherits from her parents. Her parents named the property ‘Full House.’ She has two close friends who end up selling the house behind her back to Lee Young-jae. Through a series of incidents, the two make a contract to marry, so that Ji-eun can stay in the house that her parents built. Although not in love with each other when they marry, a love between them develops slowly over time. The feelings of love are constantly interrupted by Gang Hye- won, Young-jae’s love interest for quite some time and by Yu Min-hyeok, a man that Han ji -eun likes.

This drama will air on Wednesday night at 7 pm, replacing ‘Ad Maniac’. I was hoping that Full House will come after that drama over and I was so happy when I heard the news. I downloaded this drama from bittorrent while I was in BKK. I was browsing d-addicts one day and I saw the torrents for Full House in the forum. I liked the pic posted at that topic and thought I might give it a try since SHG is in it. I made the right choice and it is now my fav drama of all time. My friends also became Full House fans after I showed them the drama and they kept bugging me to burn dvds for them when I borrowed a dvd writer from Ko SomeoneNull.

I also became a big fan of Bi after watching this drama and listening to his albums. I used to think that he was just a pretty guy but I see why he’s so famous. He’s just so talented in acting, singing and dancing. I used to like Song Hye Gyo so much when Autumn Tale came out but after awhile; she lost interest in her ‘cuz I don’t get to see much of her dramas. That is until I seen her in Full House. I like SHG so much as Han Ji Eun. I luv her clothes and hairstyles. Now that Full House will air in Myanmar, many people will fell in luv with it like I was. I still think about Full House almost everyday. I used to have Love Story at Harvard wallpaper on my desktop but I changed it to a pic of Bi & SHG sitting at a bench. I surf Full House thread at soompi whenever I have time and when I’m riding on the bus, if I get bored, I always think about funny scenes from Full House and it put a smile on my face. People on the bus might think I’m weird ‘cuz I’m laughing and smiling to myself. They probably think I’m crazy (. I also use “Aja! Aja! Fighting!” in my signature. It is like a encouragement phrase. Korean ppl use the word “Fighting” to encourage themselves in movies and dramas. In the drama, SHG said “Fighting” to encourage herself and Bi said he like “Aja! Aja!” better. It’s the same meaning (I think) and later those two phrases were combined. I took some captures from episode 1 today. I’m not good at taking captures and it took me more than a hour to get some pics. In the end, I got bored and I stopped taking the caps.

There’s a topic in Bagan Net forum titled “Korean Dramas Shown in MWD & MRTV”. I’m the topic starter and I used to keep a list of kdramas with their summaries. After awhile, I got bored ‘cuz hardly anyone reply in my topic and I felt kind of depressed so I stopped posting. I only posted about Phoenix and Stairway to Heaven ‘cuz I like them so much. I’m thinking of starting a new topic about Full House to share my collection of FH photos collected from soompi and I’m still thinking whether I should write a summary for each episode in Myanmar version. Even if I write them, will anybody read them? Also I don’t have much time when I get home from work and typing in Myanmar takes a lot of time for me. I am going to have to give up watching kdramas to write the review, reading the summary done in English and re-watching FH on MWD and I might have to watch the original versions if some parts were cut off. I am pretty sure Hyewon will get censored ‘cuz her clothes are so inappropriate to be shown on TV. I didn’t like her much in the drama until the later episodes when she stopped trying to show off her breasts. I just hope they don’t censor Bi as well (he he). There’s nothing wrong with a guy showing off his muscles, right?

My post is pretty long already and I still haven’t get off the Full House subject. I will try to keep my other posts short.


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