Jang Nara

Lately, there’s a show about interviews with Korean stars which aired on MWD on Saturdays and Sundays after the news. MWD crew went to Korea and a woman who can speak in Korean interviewed the stars. At first, I was pretty excited about it but they were only interviewing cast members so on Sunday I forgot to watch that show. My sister was watching Shania Twain mvs while I was busy timing the subtitles of “This Love I wanna Kill” ep 4. Suddenly she said , “…., Jang Nara is on TV”. I ran to the TV and saw one of her mv on TV with Myanmar translation. It’s my fav song of Jang Nara. After the mv, commercials came and I had to wait a long time. Then they showed Jang Nara sitting at bar. I recognized it immediately from “Wedding” drama. I couldn’t believe that the bar was a setup from KBS studio. I thought it was real. The interviewer and another woman from MWD gave her a black htamein skirt (which you sell to tourists here) and she looked really pretty wearing it. I was trying to find Ryu Si Won but the show was over. I only saw Lewy, one of the guy from Wedding, in the background. I was so disappointed that I missed her interview. I’m currently becoming addicted to “Wedding” and Jang Nara is one of my fav Korean actresses. I think it might come back as rerun on TV later. Maybe it might come in the afternoons on the weekends. MWD started airing Korean movies on last Saturday and Sunday. They aired “Windstruck” and cut it into 2 parts to show on both days. I didn’t watch it since I already have the movie. I guess they are trying to compete with Family Entertainment. My brother is working at there and he said those Korean dramas from MWD were from Yangon Entertainment. While MRTV has Forever and Family, MWD has Yangon Entertainment. I read an interview about MWD today and they said they are testing the movie airing and since their income is based on commercials, they are trying to entertain the audience with more additions beside Korean dramas and Chinese dramas. (I’m trying my best to keep it short but it’s pretty long now and I still haven’t write about myself)

Here’s a cute pic of Ryu Si Won & Jang Nara.


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