I’m thinking of redesigning my blog template this …

I’m thinking of redesigning my blog template this weekend. I’ll just keep it simple, not too fancy nor artistic. I like simple designs. Maybe that’s why I have trouble designing template sometimes ‘cuz I only want to design simple templates while my customers want fancy designs.

My sister borrowed Nge Chit Oo VCD from Sandar yesterday and it contained both male and female version. It’s pirated of course. I still haven’t watch it. When I got home last night, I watched Full House but I wasn’t quite in the mood ‘cuz some parts were cut off and MWD doesn’t air all the episode. Well, the original episode is about 1 hour so that they do have to cut it up for commericals which is like 15 minutes and will be 20 to 25 minutes soon ‘cuz Full House is becoming popular. My sister said that she heard ppl saying that Bi looks like a girl in Full House. She said just wait a few weeks and they will be in luv with Bi, just like we did when we watch Full House. (I kept writing about Full House.)

After 8 pm, I watched about an hour of “Love So Divine” from the computer. I would have finished it if it wasn’t for “Phoenix”. I’m getting frastruated with MRTV. They keep censoring so many parts that I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. I saw “Phoenix” as the drama of the month in d-addicts. I’m going to try and see if I can download from there. I am sick of wating for the commericals which kept coming on every 5 minutes and then MRTV will censor the part. If Full House was to air on MRTV, there won’t be anything to watch ‘cuz they will censor everything, short skirts, bare shoulders and of course kissing. I wonder if they will air the honeymoon scene on MWD, the part when Bi acted like a pervert. Here I go again, writing about Full House again.

After watching Phoenix, I only got a few mins left before bedtime (funny how I use the word….and I’m 21 years old now) so I just watch a few vids of Minwoo performing Bump. I just love those performances. I’m thinking of sharing them here but I’m just too busy to upload now. I have to uploading Wedding drama for sis Ei Shan on YSI again.

For those of you who are wondering what my new template is going to be, or maybe you aren’t, it’s gonna be based of Full House (well, of course Full House but I also thinking of designing a Minwoo template…maybe I can use that on my Myanmar version blog.) I still haven’t work on it yet.


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