Hana Yori Dango credit to www.hanadan.net (I …

Hana Yori Dango

credit to www.hanadan.net
(I like the guy on the left side, “Hanazawa Rui”, who’s like the second guy in this manga.)

The pic above is from a Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango”. It means “Boys Over Flower”. Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden” was based on the manga and now there’s a Japanese drama based on the manga. I want to watch it but I can’t download episode 1 😦 . I’ll just read the summary and try to download ep 2 then.

Here’s a summary taken from http://www.hanadan.net

an exclusive Japanese school-Eitoku Gakuen, which Makino Tsukushi attends. She is from a poor family and feels out of place among the wealthy and snobbish students, so she wishes to spend her time in high school peacefully till she graduates. However, being the strong-willed girl that she is, she cannot tolerate the bullying carried out by F4 (the Flower Four)-a group of 4 of the richest, most affluent and handsome guys in Eitoku High who dominate the school. She incurs the wrath of F4, especially the leader Domyoji Tsukasa, when she defends her friend Makiko, who has accidentally kicked Tsukasa in the face (hee!). Thus begins the engaging love-hate relationship between Tsukushi and the F4.

There are 32 volumes in Hana Yori Dango and I have all of them in English version (I downloaded it from solid07.net and a manga group at yahoo). I became addicted to HYD after surfing hanadan.net website and I started reading the translations from the fan sites ‘cuz I couldn’t read the manga. Boy was I glad when they were posted at solid07.net. It kept company while I was bored at home without nothing to do.

Since this manga is aired in Japan, I decided to upload this on sendspace and share online. So far I have uploaded 10 volumes. You can download them from here.


I’ll upload the rest when I have time.

I also uploaded some Korean & Japanese mvs.

OST Stairway to heaven -BogoShipda

OST Stairway to Heaven – Mukhanhoya

Se7en – Hikari

Se7en – Chiriboshi


Eric – Firebird MV

Here’s the Meri Kuri mvs and the performance which touched my heart.

BoA – Meri Kuri

BoA – Meri Kuri 050216Special

Tomorrow is National Day so I won’t be coming to work. I am planning on my Full House translation and maybe do a website template for myself. Speaking of which, I just uploaded my sister’s website to a new hosting server and here’s the url.


She did a fan site for “2nd Romeo” movie starring Min Maw Kunn and Eindra Kyaw Zin. If you are interested, here’s the url.

2nd Romeo

Okay…I’m off now.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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