I have not much to post today. I worked on ep 2 tr…

I have not much to post today. I worked on ep 2 translation last night but I forgot to bring it to work. I also took some captures but I took more captures of Song Hye Gyo ‘cuz I think I already have too many Bi pics in my pc. I am going to burn Full House into 16 vcds for a girl from my work and my sister’s going to burn for 2 people from her aerobic class. We are doing this free of charge but my mother scolded us for buying the cds for them instead of letting them buy for themselves. But the problems is they don’t know what to buy and will probably buy them at expensive prices when we can buy with lower prices.

I just luv spreading Full House to everyone. Watching Full House always put you in a good mood and you’ll never get tired of it.

I brought some mp3s to share here but I can’t copy from the cd. I’ll bring them again on Monday. I have a huge collections of random kpop, jpop and cpop songs and I want to share them. I already burned them to mp3 cds for my friends but they don’t seem to like them as much as I do. Oh, well…somebody will surely apperciate my collections.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

edit: I almost forgot to mention about Attic Cat. The website where you can download Attic Cat will shut down in December so if anyone wants to download Attic Cat, you better do so now. Only 2 days left to download ‘cuz the links only work on weekends but don’t worry…the speed is quite fast. I even redownloaded a couple of episodes, just in case my cd got an error.

I’m still on episode 12 ‘cuz I’m quite busy to continue watching the rest. I think I mentioned a lot about Attic Cat in my blog already. If anyone wants to know the story, just read back my older posts.


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