Last night I didn’t watch Shinhwa concert ‘cuz I…

Last night I didn’t watch Shinhwa concert ‘cuz I was watching “A Wolf’s Attraction (or) Temptations of Wolves” movie. It’s about two handsome guys who fall for a unattractive girl. Han Kyung who just transferred to Seoul witnessed a fighting scene of high school students and the fight was between Bahn Haewon & Chung Taesung. Han Kyung’s father had passed away so she came to live with her mother and her new family. She was happy ‘cuz she would be with the guy she was in luv with but that guy was now going out with her bestfriend. She tried to pretend that nothing was wrong in front of them but when she got on the bus, she started crying. Some high school students came on the bus and one shoes flew over to her head. She was still crying and the guy thought that he hurted her. That guy was Bahn Haewon. He also happened to be her sister’s best friend and she tried to get them together.

On the day she was supposed to meet with Haewon, she met Taesung who called her ‘nuna’ (which means big sister) who said he knew her but she couldn’t remember him. Haewon and Taesung couldn’t stand each other and they were always looking for a fight. Han Kyaung started going out with Haewon but there was always Taesung calling her over. She later found out that Taesung was actually her brother. Her father was in luv with his mother and that’s the reason her parents divorced. To get to the point, Haewon doesn’t like Han Kyaung & Taesung being together all the time even though they are brother and sister and Taesung confessed his love to Han Kyaung that he loves her more than being his sister. He also found out that he got some kinda of heart disease so he decided to leave Korea and live with his grandmother in Austrila. I won’t spoil the ending now. And I need to start doing some work.

This movie was based on an internet fanfiction and I already read it before I watched the movie. This is my second time ‘cuz the first one was a pirated one and I couldn’t understand them ‘cuz there was no subs. No I can understand. I can’t say it’s one my fav and the main reason I watch this is because of Bahn Haewon (Jo Han Sun) 😛 When I was reading the fanfic, I didn’t really like Bahn Haewon character that much. The story was more focused on Han Kyung and Taesung but when I watched the movie, I start to like Bahn Haewon character. I didn’t like the actress before and I also wondered why guys would fall hard for her. She’s also in “Let’s go to the Beach” drama with Lee Wan and JunJin and it’s the same thing, 2 guys falling for her but she’s pretty funny and I like her now.

The theme song “Go Beck (Confessions) is awesome. I just luv hearing that song in the movie. I have the mv for it. I’ll post it later.


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