I’m back to using basic blogger templates again. I…

I’m back to using basic blogger templates again. I still need a lot to learn about blogging and I don’t much time to edit the template all the time. Why did I changed the template to Full House template? Well, I’m a big fan of Full House and I thought it would be nice to design my own template.

There are a couple of vids I’ve uploaded over the past weekend. The first one is a vid by Yuzana called “Rose”. It’s from “Tan Ta Nay” vcd. I don’t have time to make captures now.

Yuzana – Rose

The second one is also from “Tan Ta Nay” vcd. It’s a song by L Za Ru. This mv has Ye’ Lay in it.

L Za Ru – A Tae Kwe Dat Yaw Gar

I have a couple of Korean Christmas songs and vids to upload. I’ll share them when I’ve finished uploading them.

Now it’s for me to eat lunch now.

Aja! Aja! Fighting


4 thoughts on “I’m back to using basic blogger templates again. I…

  1. I am a fan of your blog site. Let me give my sincere suggestion about your new template. It is cool but the overall color (purple) is too bright to get attention to your blog contents, I think. I prefer your old template color and design. Just my personal opinion. Keep posting.


    Dr. Aung

  2. I also think that purple is a bad choice for the readers. Please always remember “Simple is beautiful.” 🙂 And simple site design is good for crawling engines such as google and yahoo.
    If you have a song “A Yin Lo Chit Tone Be Ka Lay Yeh” by R. Zarni from Chaung Beach VCD, I would like to have it. You can contact me by my email address at my web site. Thanks.
    Lwin Moe

  3. it is good that you tried out at least…

    you will get used to it and will produce better design as time goes on…

    we don’t have many myanmar web designers… good to see a few are making their way out now…

    purple is good… just the mixture… a slight changes to different shades of purple would do good…

    I have that mtv… don’t know where it stored it but… i downloaded somewhere from web too… hehe… if mady can’t provide you… i will go extra mile to search my comp… 😀

    take care!

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