051127.MKMF BoA.Over.TheTop I uploaded BoA’s 2005…

I uploaded BoA’s 2005 MKMF performance. This is the hottest and best performance I’ve seen of BoA. I really recommend you all to watch it.

There are 2 more Christmas vids to share. I love listening to Korean Christmas songs. They always put me in a good mood (and I’m not even Christian)

BoA S.E.S Shinhwa – Waiting For White.mpg

SMTown – My Angel My Light

Sorry…I don’t have time to do caps. “My Angel My Light” is my fav Christmas mv. This mv features all my fav singers including Shinhwa & BoA. The first vid also featured them but they looked young in there.

I’m leaving work now. I have to meet with Ko SomeoneNull at Mr.Brown.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!


2 thoughts on “051127.MKMF BoA.Over.TheTop I uploaded BoA’s 2005…

  1. iwant to see your vd.but problem is my internet connection is ADSL
    so,i wont to download it…
    do you have other way to see this vid? 😦

  2. Yeah, one of the things I miss about Myanmar is going carol singing with many friends from church in December. It’s so much fun and a good fellowship.
    Hey, hope you had fun with Mr. Somebody Null πŸ™‚

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