Check out (thanks to SiLLyGiRL). You get 1GB storage space for free. I’m currently uploading some of my mp3 collections and some mvs. You can only upload 10mb at a time so I don’t have much mvs to upload unless I reduce the qualities. I’ll share the url after I finished uploading them.


Yesterday I went home via Hledan in the evening an…

Yesterday I went home via Hledan in the evening and I bought Ye’ Lay poster for my sister. I thought she might like it but she said he looks like a gangster rapper. She like hip-hop music but she doesn’t like the way they dress. At least, the poster only costed me 150 kyats. Normally, I don’t even look at those posters when I pass by on the way to the bus stop. I’m kinda embarrassed to buy them in front of so many people passing by. I only have a poster of Sai Sai from his 2nd album vcd promotion show with his signature on it. I put it on my wall a long time ago but I never took it off. I used to collect posters of BackStreetBoys when I was younger but I don’t hang them on my wall. I don’t feel like posting old pics on my wall and I don’t have any other wallpapers to put on beside Sai Sai. I just wish I can get Shinhwa, M or Bi posters in Ygn.