Not much to write except that I’m currently listening to a song and I kept repeating it over and over again. The singer name is Moses and I think he’s a new singer. It’s a sweet ballad song and I have his performance but it’s at home now.

Here’s the song…Give it a try. (Oops…it’s the wrong title….I confused it with track 3)

Mose – It’s Love


I listen to each day pass by in this world without you.
The moon sets and the sun rises, only to bring me more sorrow.
One day, one hour is hard living
by missing the past like this.

*Where should I start erasing my memories?
The thoughts of you find me each day and interrupt my life.
The way you talk, your expressions are always clear,
and it makes me creat an illusion of you still being by my side.

It’s love, it’s love, even if I erased it, it’d still be love.
No matter how hard I try to clear my mind,
only you live in my heart.
Only you, it’s only you I want to remember.
At night I take your picture and fall asleep looking at it.


The tears that fell in my sleep will soon dry or drip down.
Your face seems distinct. It feels like I could touch it.
I love you, I love you. I can’t forget you yeah~

I only saw you, only knew you, only love you.
I don’t know where I left my mind, each day feels like a year.
I can’t do anything, any work, or say anything.
Still I believe in love, I still believein love.
Even today, I believe in love.

translation: yoonie