Just 5 days before Christmas. Not that I celebrate Christmas but I like to send out funny e-cards to friends for Christmas and New Year. The only person I send the actual card is to sis Ei Shan. I still haven’t send it ‘cuz I kept forgetting to write in it. She might probably receive my cards weeks after Christmas.

Someone requested for Bi albums so I uploaded two of his albums today. I will upload his 2nd album later. I don’t really like his 2nd album much except for Running Away from the Sun song.

Bi – Bad Guy

Bi – It’s Raining

credit: sexybi + solid07 + me

I have been listening to Shinhwa’s Winter Story 2 album a lot lately. This album is a remake of songs popular back in the 80’s and 90’s. In Myanmar, you get sick of listening to those remake albums all the time. In fact, there’s another remake album out already. Anyway, back to the subject, I really recommend this album. Just listen to track 2 and you’ll be tapping your feet along with the song. This album is special ‘cuz HyeSung sang rap parts along with vocal parts and Eric and JunJin sang vocals. (Maybe Andy sang vocal also but I don’t recognize his voice). Maybe I was concertrating more on other singers. You can hear Eric’s voice in “Leaving Behind Traces of Times” on track 13.

Shinhwa – Winter Story 2

I tried to write my fav tracks but I ended up writing most of the song titles 😀

I will upload their mv later.

I also uploaded an mv from “June Diary”. June Diary stars Eric and Minwoo sang the song. It’s a HQ vid so if your connection is slow, you can request for me to upload a LQ version.

051209 Arirangtv – June’s Diary OST MV Sweet Sounds