I uploaded one video today to esnips. He’ Lay copied that song in his second album. (It’s the last song in his album, before the bonus song). I don’t know much about the singers but the lead guy is pretty good. I almost skipped the track when I saw the first guy dancing around 😛 but I waited for the rest of the song and I wasn’t disappointed. I got this vid a long time ago but the vid I uploaded is from a Chinese VCD so the quality is better. My sister rented that VCD from a kpop music fan from her gym class. The model guy and girls are pretty cute too. (I think you can call them models). I will upload other vids from that vcd later.


Go to the above url and download J-Walk- Suddenly.DAT file. I think that’s the correct title.

Enjoy the vid and early Merry Christmas to you all.


I’ve just received a phone call from my sister. She said she bought “2005 Rock & Rap Htarwasin Live Show” and Bi’s concert from Hlaedan. I really didn’t know that you could buy Bi’s album in Myanmar. I’m so excited. I just electricity won’t be out when I get home. I’ve already watched his concert but now I can watch in bigger screen. Now, Myanmar ppl can watch his concert. I know it’s not original but I can’t help buying those pirated versions. It’s not like I can afford to buy the original version. I hope I can find this in DVD version. Then I’ll give the vcd to my friend.