Internet connection is pretty slow at work today. I can’t access blogger site. I have been trying to post since morning but now I’ll just post via blogger for word.

I’ve just heard the news about Ma Pan Yaung’s wedding. Ma Pan Yaung is a friend I knew from Bagan Net Forum. Her wedding is on Jan 8. I’m going to go there of course :D.

I was thinking of writing about my Christmas experience and here it is.

It rained almost the whole day. The electricity was out although it was suppose to come till 3:00 pm. I rented a movie, “Taxi” starring Queen Latifah, on Saturday. I waited the whole morning for the electricity, lying in bed with a book in hand. I read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. There’s a movie based on the book but I haven’t seen it yet. I have that book at my house for years but I never have read it before. The book is confusing….gives me headaches. I still haven’t finished. I think someone downloaded the movie at work. Maybe I should just watch the movie….

When the electricity came back on around 1 pm, I watched “Taxi” while eating lunch. After the movie ended, the electricity went out while I was watching the special features and there’s goes my 400 kyats ‘cuz I have to pay for 2 days rent.

While watching the movie, SYM called and said that she was coming over. She did came over 2 hours after the call. She said she wants to go to Yankin Center to buy some clothers so I had to get dressed quickly. I didn’t have much money with me ‘cuz it was just to Yankin Center. But while on the bus, she said she want to use internet and she said let’s go to excel tower and call Sandar. So we went to her house and waitied for her and went to Excel. SYM didn’t buy anything ‘cuz she couldn’t find anything she like. As for me, I found tons of stuffs I like but they were expensive. Going to shopping malls always makes me feel like I’m a poor L. That’s why I hardly go to shopping malls. I only wear what my mothers buy for me.

I arrived home at 8:30 pm. Luckily my father was already asleep. My mother scolded us for coming home late. (We had to take a taxi to get home). It’s not like I was having fun at Excel anyway. Whenever I tried to look at something, the others have already left for another shop and when we were talking (or they were talking), whenever I talk, they always cuts me off. I’m a Friday born so I like to talk a lot (only when I’m the mood) but they always interrupts me. I absolutely hate it. Now that I noticed it, my sister hardly talk at all when she’s with them.

Okay, that’s my weekend for now. I have to go home now.

Our office will be closed starting on Thursday…yay….I get 3 days off….I wish I can go on a trip. I know my family wont’ be going on a trip and I don’t’ want to go anywhere with my friends (unless my online friends meet somewhere). I like hanging out with them more.