I was hoping I would have time to post up some stuffs I’ve uploaded today. I’m kinda in a hurry now ‘cuz I still have to upload some stuffs for work. Stupid people…I got the job at 4:15 pm and had to hurry so I can leave early.

Today I listened to GOD’s 7th album and I’m wondering why I didn’t like them so much before. It is so good. I like all the songs in that album. This is their last album and they are breaking up soon after they finished performing their songs. I saw their latest mv, “Into the Sky” and I read the translation. It’s pretty sad. That’s the problem with boybands, they are going to break up sooner or later. I know GOD fans are pretty sad by the breakup. I can sympatize with them. Just imagine Shinhwa breaking up, I know I’ll be pretty sad too. At least for us Shinhwa fans, they said they aren’t going to breakup, even when they are going to serve for military next year.

Okay, here’s the mv I uploaded today.

GOD – Into the Sky mv


2 Luv – mp3
(This is my fav song from their album. Whenever I listen to that song and I’m online in Gtalk, I changed my status to 2Luv)

I downloaded a couple of English songs from solid a few days ago. I think these songs are the latest. My fav is the song by Kelly Clarkson.

Black Eyed Peas – Dont Lie.mp3, (5 MB)

Weezer – Beverly Hills.mp3, (8 MB)

Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger.mp3, (6 MB)

Mariah Carey – Don\’t Forget About Us.mp3, (5 MB)

Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You.mp3, (3 MB)

Madonna – Hung Up (Radio Version).mp3, (5 MB)

Happy New Year everyone


Aja! Aja! Fighting!

Btw, yes I’m half Mon but I can’t speak in Mon nor understand Mon except for “Hlwar Ma Warr Buu” and “Chit Pone” ::D


Today is December 29th. I will be getting my salary today and office will closed for 3 days….:)

My father said we are going to ZaLun on Saturday. I really want to go to Mawlamyine instead. I know he wants to go there too but he had to think about the travel expense for a family of 6. The last time I want to Mawlamyine, it was during Thingyan in 2002 and we stayed over at my cousin’s house at Pha Auk (which is a little far from downtown). Now he’s in Singapore. The only place I can stay is at Ka Toe Village. I had to travel via ferry boat to get to Ka Toe. I think you can reach it by road now. I think the prime minister visited Ka Toe a few months ago. My mother scolded me for not watching the news ‘cuz she didn’t get to see her releatives on TV. I didn’t get to visit much pagodas in Mawlamyine ‘cuz it was during Thingyan and it’s not really good to travel. We stayed over for 5 days and visited Kyaikkahmi and Setse.

My father is also saying he wants to go to Pathein but I know he won’t take us to Chaungthar. He doesn’t like going to beaches. He rather go to mountains….that’s what he would say.

In case I won’t have time to post again today, Happy New Year to all my blog readers.