Tomorrow is the 4th of January, Myanmar’s Independ…

Tomorrow is the 4th of January, Myanmar’s Independence Day. So my office will closed. Another day to rest at home. I keep staying at home lately. I might go out to Yuzana Plaza to buy a wedding present and check out the korean albums at Music King.

Intenet connection had been a little bit slow lately. I couldn’t download Bi’s drama. I was hoping to watch it at home with my dvd player. I’m still on episode 5 ‘cuz I stopped downloading the LQ vids to download the HQ version which are hardsubbed in English. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check it out yourself here. (You might need to register for an account to access the site. This drama is also availabe at kpopper (which is down now) and idolslimited but I can’t use megaupload anymore. So I have to rely on filefront)

Bi – This Love I Wanna Kill Drama

I should go home now. I might not be able to get a bus if I’m late. I had to wait 45 mins last night at Hlaedan. There was like a outlet sale near the bus stop and one guy with a mic kept announcing how cheap it is to buy at 1200 kyats….u should really buy the clothes…blah blah blah… every 2 mins. I got tired of him and felt like hitting with something to shut him off. Those clothes look cheap and out of date anyway.


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