Sorry….I forgot to post this yesterday….I only…

Sorry….I forgot to post this yesterday….I only saved it as draft….

Back to work again…..
I did go to Yuzana Plaza yesterday but it didn’t go as I had planned. My friend came along with us ‘cuz she wants to buy some longyi and treat us for her birthday. If you had been reading my posts about them, you can guess that I didn’t get to look around that much and like always, I always ended up leaving empty handed or buying minor things while they buy what they like. I am still thinking of going back there without my friends. How can I look around when I know they are outside waiting impatiently for me. My sister blamed me for bringing my friend along. She also hated it when she can’t look around as much as she want to.

I bought some blank cds at Yuzana Plaza basement and at the shop, they were opening Bi’s concert. Maybe that’s the reason I chose to buy from that shop. Some girls passed by and they were talking to each other ….”Is that Young Jae?….Yes…he is….” then one girl said…”Is he like that (The exact word she said is “At Di Lo Yoke Gyi Lar”. I was taken back by that comment. I’m a big fan of Bi and I really don’t like ppl saying bad things about him. I know everyone had different opinions and they have different tastes and she wasn’t even talking to me but still I got a little angry.

Speaking of Bi, Full House just ended airing last night. I didn’t get to watch it ‘cuz the electricity was out. I wanted to watch it ‘cuz I want to see how they translated his confessions in Myanmar. I know I’m still on episode 4 translation but I’m going to still try to translate as much as I can when I get my pc back. I have difficulities in translating love stuffs…like those words he said to Ji Eun…

This is what he said…

“When I doubted being able to protect you and was thinking about it, I thought I was gonna go crazy. Thinking about you constantly, worrying about you and missing you. I was really hurting. Loving someone… is tiring and it hurts, but it’s not something I can stop. Going to you… I can’t stop that. I love you. As much as the entire universe exploding, as much as the waters in every ocean drying… With my spirit burst, as much as it spreads outward. I love you very much. Han Ji Eun…I love you so much.”
Lee Young Jae, Full House

Oh…what the heck…I might as well post some of my fav Full House quotes….mostly by Young Jae….

“Hello…Although you (reporters) are busy thank you for coming to this place. Today, the reason that I called you…I wanted to talk about some girl. Currently, I love a certain girl. I really love this girl too much. She is a person who finds happiness and joy in small things, when i’m with her, I’m always happy. She is also a person who told me how happiness felt like. Because of this, Because of this, because i love this girl too much, because i want to protect this girl…I am getting a divorce.”
Lee Young Jae, Full House

“How are you going to protect me?? do you even know what it means to protect someone?? you think giving a crying person icecream is a way of comforting or protecting them?!?! you don’t even know anything! you don’t know how to love someone, you don’t know how to show love, and you don’t know what it means to protect someone. you hurt people without realizing it”
– Ji-eun of FullHouse

“I said I wouldn’t loose you again… I can’t take it anymore.You say I’m the man who always hurts you, the man who can’t protect you. You say I dont know how to love someone. I don’t know how to express it. And making you happy, I dont know that either. So I thought about it… Since I don’t know how, whatever you order me to do, whatever you teach, I’ll do it all. If you tell me to wait, I’ll wait. If you tell me to sing, I’ll sing. If you tell me to dance, I’ll dance. If you ask me for flowers, I’ll buy you flowers”
– Young jae of Full House-
credit to soompi forum

I’m always like this. Whenever I’m on a subject, I get distracted by another subject. Probably it’s one of the reason why I never got good grades on essays.

Where was I anyway,…..okay…back to Yuzana Plaza….I left around 4:00 pm and went to eat at Feel Restaurant at Yankin Center. I ate burgers ‘cuz she kept talking about how much she wants to eat burgers. It was good but I was wishing for a cup of hot Rakhine Moat Tee instead of eating burgers and french fries. I hardly eat burgers in Myanmar. I used to laugh when I saw ppl eating burgers with knives and forks but when I tried to eat with my hands, they would all burst out and when I eat with a knife and a fork, they still burst out. I got annoyed with my burger afterward and it makes you lose impressions when you are desparely trying to cut a burger. It reminded me of a novel by Min Khite Soe San called “Coffee Night”. In that novel, the guy was out on a date with a girl for their first time and he got tired of her after seeing her trying to eat a burger with a knife and a fork and being so super clean about her straw before drinking a cola.

Or, maybe it was just me and I always have problems when others are doing fine.

Off topic….someone asked me the meaning of Aja! Aja! Fighting in one of the comments. On MWD, it was translated as “Kyoe Sarr Htar”. Fighting = Kyoe Sarr Htar and Aja= Arr Tinn Htar. I always hear the word “Fighting” in Korean dramas & movies but it’s the first time I heard it together with “Aja! Aja!”. If you are a fan of Full House, you probably won’t mind me using that phrase so many times.


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