I won’t be coming to work tomorrow. I have to attend a wedding ceremony at Grand Plaza Hotel. I have to get there before 8:30 am and I might go to a photo exhibition at Sakura Tower later.

My sister told me to bring the cd-writer from work ‘cuz she got back the motherboard from her friend and she planned to go to Lucky Bird on the weekend. We might have to replace the motherboard. Darn…I was hoping to burn vcds at work ‘cuz buring from my cd-writer is better. (I don’t know why….if I burn from other cd-writers, I lose quality)

I’m burning Bi’s drama “This Love I Wanna Kill / A Love to Kill” episode 1 now. It took me 2 days to download it ‘cuz it’s a HQ version with English subbed. I won’t be able to watch it tonight but I might be able to do so tomorrow.

Last night, I watched “War of the Worlds” movie. I was quite surprised with the ending. I don’t mean to spoil the ending but out of all things and all the stuffs those aliens had done, they just died liked that. I was hoping for some heroic actions like in Independance Day. I have seen it many times and I luv watching it. War of the World kinda da freaked me out ….maybe ‘cuz I’m afraidy-cat and I don’t like to watch those kinda of stuffs at night. It put me in a depressing mood.

I gotta return to work now.