I’m testing out Mozilla 1.7.12 now. I was having some problems with Firefox browser ‘cuz it kept shutting down. I am not really used to this browser. Maybe it’s because I haven’t installed my fav ‘cat’ theme yet. I wonder if they have the same theme for Mozilla. If not, I’ll just switch back to Firefox.


The above pic was taken on Last Saturday at a wedding at Grand Plaza Hotel. I know it’s not really a good pic. I took some photos with my camera but my brother took it to work. I had to attend 2 weddings on both Saturday & Sunday.

On Saturday, I got to see Yuzana & Rebecca Win at the ceremony. I was happy to see Yuzana but when she started singing, I got a little bit disappointed ‘cuz she sounds like she has a cold. She sang “Theik Theik Lay Pae” song from A Phyu Yaung Pone Yeik Myar album and “Nge Nge Tone Ka Htet Po Chit Tae”, a song by Soe Lwin Lwin. I was hoping she sang songs from her album instead but maybe she thought those songs were more apporiate for the wedding. When she came on stage, I also got a little shock ‘cuz she was wearing low waist jeans, revealing a little bit of skin between her shirt and jeans. Also when she was handing out papers to the band, she turned her back on the audience and we can see the tip of her underwear when she bends. I heard some noised from the guys’ tables. I wished that she wore makeup which suited her face ‘cuz she looked a little bit white.

After Yuzana, Rebecca Win came on stage and she looked beautiful. She look just like in her vcds….nice makeup and also she can sing live.I don’t recognize the first song she sang. She sang “When You Say Nothing At All” in English. Her English is pretty good, for a Myanmar singer. I think I have a small video clip of her singing in my camera.

There was another girl dressed in white & black who sang on the stage but I don’t know her name. I don’t think she’s famous. She’s really cute when she smiles. She knows that we were taking her photos and she continued smiling for the camera. I can’t post her photos ‘cuz I think I should give respects to her and she’s not even famous yet.

Gotta work now. I will post some more later.