I got my computer back from maintenance shop on Saturday. Electricity was out on Saturday and when it came back on, my brother wouldn’t let go near the pc at all. He said he’s working on a project now. My father picked up the computer on the way from work and he was quite angry when he got home. He said he arrived around 5 pm and they made him wait for an hour. They were the one who said the computer will be ready by Saturday evening and my father even called them in the afternoon to make sure. Also, they charged 5000 kyats for reinstalling Windows and program files (that’s what it said in the boucher slip…what program files…they just copied back our old program files….). My father didn’t have enough money ‘cuz we only told him to pick up the computer. He said we embarassed him.

Maybe I should write more clearly….

We had to replace our motherboard. We could have ask a friend to do it for us but my mother said just send it to that service center ‘cuz we still have 3 years warranty for service charge and we bought the pc from that place. So we brought the pc there and they said they don’t have the motherboard for our pc. So my mother and brother had to go downtown and buy the motherboard from another place and give them the motherboard. They said they will give us a call when they are ready. Later they called us to tell us that they might have to format C drive to reinstall Windows. My sister told them not to format it if it’s not necessary and if they format the drive, give us a call. They didn’t call us so we thought that they didn’t format the drive.

When electricity comes back at 2 pm on Sunday, my sister said she was going to use it and I told her to burn me Shinhwa concert, which I had copied into the pc before it went down. And guess what….no files were in the folder ‘temp’ which is located in C drive. I searched everywhere for my files ( a couple of vcds which are pretty hard to get ‘cuz they are kpop music and I remember puting a movie file in there also). I also got scolded by my mother for trying to call them. She said why don’t you just make sure….what’s there to make sure…all my files are gone….Should I be glad that my other files aren’t gone also? Every other files & folders are there except for those files in the ‘temp’ folder.

Man…writing about this is getting me angry again….

Of course I did call them. They said the guy who’s responsible for our pc is not there and to call back on Monday. I haven’t call them today ‘cuz I’m not exactly allowed to make phone calls for personal stuffs (unless it’s important).

We were also stupid for not taking our second hard disk from the pc before sending the pc to them. Now they know everything about us, they know my brother’s into animation, they can even read my sister’s e-mails (‘cuz she keep every record of her mails in text files…easily readable by anyone). I don’t really mind about my stuffs ‘cuz I only have mp3s, music videos and korean drama in my folder. They can even copy all the episodes of Full House from my pc but I think not everyone know how to watch with subtitles and what softwares to use.

I am going to ask my sister to go to that place and copy back my files. I hope they are still there. It’s hard to get a Shinhwa concert vcd in Ygn.

All right…my mind is a little distracted now and I am waiting for someone to go home. It’s getting late so I’m going home with her car. I hope she leaves early.

If I’m in a good mood tomorrow, maybe I will write about an art exhibition I visited on Sunday and My Name is Kim Sam Soon drama. I watched episode 2 last night. It took me a month to finish watching that episode.