I think I should be writing my posts at home now ‘…

I think I should be writing my posts at home now ‘cuz I don’t have time to post at work. Even now, I’m resting for a few mins until my superior tells me what to do. Yeah, today’s half day but I have to help at work.

I’m going to the movies tomorrow. Sandar already got the ticket at Thamada Cinema. I’ve been wanting to see this movie. I think it’s gonna be funny. The movie’s name is “Mingalarpar” and it stars Sai Sai, Nay Toe, Zarkanar and Bae Lu Wa. Then I’ll go to China Town. I hope I don’t have to go to other places ‘cuz I have stuffs to do at home. Usually when I’m out with Sandar, I arrived back to home at 6 pm.

Last night, I stayed up until midnight to watch My Name is Kim Sam Soon episode 4. I had problems with Windows Media Player so I had to reinstalled it. (stupid service center….I still have to reinstall Winamp) The electricity came back at 11 pm and the drama is pretty good. I’m starting to get stuck to it and my fav Korean actor list kept growing whenever I watch a new kdrama. Now Hyun Bin is in my top 5 list :D.

I like MNKSS so much that I put a pic of the pig doll from MNKSS on my desktop.

This is the pic. It’s so cute.

If I have time at home, I’ll write a summary on MNKSS based on what I’ve watched so far. I might not be able to watch it tonight if my brother is using the pc. He said he’s working on an animation project and I don’t want to start a converstation about it ‘cuz he’ll tell me to delete my files and complain about how the computer is slow.


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