Moon Hospitalized After Car Accident Moon Jung…

Moon Hospitalized After Car Accident

Moon Jung-hyuk, actor and member of the boy band Shinhwa, was hospitalized after a car accident Sunday but “is going to be fine,” according to his management company Monday.

Good Entertainment said the 26-year-old actor and singer injured his spine and ankle. He will have to be in a cast for four weeks and receive physical therapy for the following four weeks, the company said.

The accident occurred on the set of the MBC miniseries “Wolf.” Moon was shooting a scene with actress Han Ji-min when a stunt car hit him. According to witnesses he embraced Han in an effort to protect her.

Moon, who is also known as Eric when performing with Shinhwa, was rushed to Seoul Baik Hospital in downtown Seoul.

With Moon unable to take part in productions, MBC said that it would not be able to broadcast the show’s fourth episode that was scheduled to air tonight.

credit to koreantimes

Please get well soon….Eric!

I am sad by the news but also I’m impressed by his action, trying to protect Han Ji Min from getting hurt.


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