My pc been acting up on me again. Just today, my m…

My pc been acting up on me again. Just today, my mouse froze twice already. I’ve been thinking about reinstalling Windows but the problem is I don’t know how to reinstall XP. Also I want to delete everything from C drive but I haven’t got rid of my files. My hard disk is full again. I have to stop downloading for a couple of days. Lately, I don’t download much music vids. I only download dramas and talk shows which have english subs.

A few days ago, I watched a show with Bi, Kwon Sang Woo, Han Ga In & MC Mong. There was another girl (who’s character names was Booja in Phoenix drama) and a cute guy from Kwon Sangwoo’s movie, Once Upon A Day In High School. He was like second actor in that movie. (Han Ga In is also starred in that movie). It’s an old video clip but I haven’t watch it before. I burned it into a cd and I think I overburned it. We didn’t get to see part 3 and my sister got mad at me ‘cuz she’s a big fan of Kwon Sangwoo. While she’s looking at KSW and saying how cute he is, I’m gazing at Bi. The show is funny but the first show I watched was funnier.

In this show, Bi talked about how he cheated on the exam and the way to cheat using a pen. He unscrewed the end part of the pen and rolled up a slip of paper. When the teacher got suspicious, he ate the paper so that there was no evidence. Kwon Sangwoo talked about how he jumped the fence from the backyard when he was late to school and got caught by the teacher. I forgot the topic they were discussing…something do with a survery taken by men and they had to get the right answer….if they were wrong, their face get blown up by wind (or something like that). MC Mong made a joke singing “Trying to Run Away from the Wind”, making fun of Bi’s song “Running from the Sun”, using his sunglasses.

Kwon Sangwoo made a joke about how he hardly get ph call from MC Mong but one day he called him to talk about appearing in a commerical ad. Bi also said…I also got a sms from him about that cf deal….MC Mong tired to cover Bi’s mouth with his hand he he…..

One of the topic they discussed was about how guys don’t like their girls to hang out with their guy friends. Bi said…there are no such thing as a guy friend….Either you become a boyfriend or they are waiting for the chance to become that girl’s boyfriend. Han Ga In talked about how she went to the movies with her guy friend and Kwon Sangwoo was a little shocked. He said…if the movie is so good, why didn’t you watch with your boyfriend?….

I have the urls for the above show but I can’t share them here ‘cuz somebody uploaded them. I luv watching YSMM shows (with Bi). I am hoping to watch YSMM with Shinhwa during the weekend.


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