Yesterday, I bought April Snow movie from Hledan o…

Yesterday, I bought April Snow movie from Hledan on my way home. I’m disappointed ‘cuz the movie was a ripoff movie, not in good quality, probably shot in the cinema and the subs are terrible. I am going to try downloading it. This is the second time I bought a rip off this month. Other people said they have watch it so I thought the quality might be good now.

This morning, I read about Eric’s news at ShinwaChangjo. According to the article, he might recover soon enough ‘cuz he can’t even get up from bed. He can only eat soup made by his mom. I hope he recover sooner but if he can’t go back to work, they should just postpone the drama until he have fully recovered so that he can show his best.

I downloaded a mv today which I want to share here. The song is from K’s second album. I never have listened to K before but after watching the mv, I repeated it again. The song is really nice, a ballad song. I’m still downloading the song now. It’s pretty slow to download from z-degrees.

K – Laughing
credit to

While working, I listened & watched a music program which was aired on MBC channel on Jan 21. Most of the singers were pretty good. The last singer to perform was Wheesung and he sang rock. I’m not a huge fan of him but I thought he sang r&b. I luv his performances with Se7en. I’m not into rock songs so I stopped the video. Maybe I should listen back to those rock songs. I’m sure it was said so in the background.

I’m pretty bored right now. Maybe I’ll watch some movie before I go home. I’m not in the mood to continue my work or I should just leave early to eat Kyar San Chet at Hlaedan. I never got the chance to eat it ever since I started working here.


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