New Rapper In Town And guess who the rapper….he’…

New Rapper In Town
And guess who the rapper….he’s none other than U Kyaw Hein, famous actor & singer (although not many people heard of his songs). His live show album was released last week. The album featured remixes of his songs featuring Annega, Barbu, Examplez and his son Nay Win and daughters Thu Thu & Khin Kha. I heard his rap parts in the tv commericals and 0n City FM. He may be old but he’s better than Examplez (or it’s probably just that I can’t stand them). He’s going to retire from entertainment industry in 2008 and plans to concertrate on meditating.

I am not a huge fan of his actings but I like his songs. I grew up listening to his songs ‘cuz my father plays it in the car most of the times when I was a teens. Most people would just say he sing copy songs but who doesn’t sing copy songs anyway. His lyrics are always meaniful, not ordinary love songs like others. I wish I have his old albums in cd format ‘cuz I don’t want to listen to cassette tapes now.

note…I will post the pic later ‘cuz it’s in another computer which is shut down now…

I’m leaving work now. Now I have to switch back to Thamine route ‘cuz there’s something wrong with jar car at Hledan point lately. I don’t want to pay 300 kyats for a group taxi.

When I get home, the electricity will be out. I’ll just finish reading Micheal Crichton’s State of Fear while listening to City FM. I bought batteries to listen to City FM to keep me out of boredom but too bad it’s end at 9pm. I always wait for the electricity before going to bed ‘cuz you never know what could be in my bedroom. I’m talking about coachroaches. I hate them and am scared of them. Yesterday I found one in my room before going to sleep so I ask my cousin to take it out. After that I was sitting on the bed, trying to finish a novel when I hear noises behind me. At first I thought it was from outside but I looked to make sure and I saw another coachroach running around on my bed. Just my bad luck…two coachroach in a row. I don’t know why they are always running around in my room. I never heard about them running around in other bedrooms. They must love me so much.


5 thoughts on “New Rapper In Town And guess who the rapper….he’…

  1. If u dont really know abt music,
    please be careful in criticize. Most of your music review are non-technical and useless. You must know there’re too many own-tune singers in Myanmar. OK ?

  2. well…i don’t know much about myanmar music ‘cuz i don’t listen to them but i still have my right to express my opinion. have u really listen to all the songs of these so-called own tune. most of them sounds like ripped off from other songs (phat hnat kat) and if one own-tune song got famous, dozens of songs followed in the same similar tune. i rather just be listening to korean music than so called own-tune myanmar music…

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