I was a little busy yesterday ‘cuz our office was …

I was a little busy yesterday ‘cuz our office was under a virus attack and all of the computers were running anti-virus. Now I just realized that Rain’s Concert in NY was yesterday (and it still goes on tonight) so I’m reading Bi’s thread at soompi. There’s a news clip about the concert and you can watch it here.


Man….I wish I was there. I know I can’t be there so I will just go home and watch his concert when the electricity comes back on at 11 pm.

Speaking of electricity, they are cutting off electricity at nights on the days you get electricity from afternoon to the next day’s afternoon. Last night the electricity went out at 11pm and only came back around 6 am. And it will go off again at 2 pm today.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know about Eric who was in a car accident. Shinhwa fans are doing a Get Well Soon Eric Project for him. All you have to do is send out postcards to him and one person from each country will collect those postcards before sending them to Korean. I’m the collector for Myanmar and I know I won’t get much cards. I have to send them out before Feb 7th to a member in Singapore. I want to announce this in Bagan Net forum & Native Myanmar forum but I doubt that anybody will be interested. They will probably think…there she goes again…that korean crazy girl…..


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