Mingalar Par I have been wanting to write about …

Mingalar Par

I have been wanting to write about “Mingalar Par” movie ever since I’ve watched it but I didn’t have time to type it until now. I wrote down my thoughts on a notebook and this is what I wrote.

I think the movie was shot in Sin Pauk village, according to the credits at the beginning of the movie. It started with Nay Toe and Sai Sai, who were new teachers sent to a village which is located in the rural area. When they arrived at the village, they were greeted warmly by the villagers. Their job was to teach a bunch of kids who lack education ‘cuz it was hard to get teachers in that area. They experienced difficulties at first but they overcame them with the help of the villagers and a monk who everyone is afraid of ‘cuz they don’t want him to beat them with a stick. There were unnecessary scenes in the movie like showing a kid’s butt up close which was covered with faece. The audience were complaining ‘cuz they were eating while watching the movie. There was Myo Sandi Kyaw in the movie but she didn’t get to act much. All I see is her do is clinging to Sai Sai. I hardly see the teachers teaching the kids at all. All I see is them singing a sing along song which is like the theme of the movie and it was repeated twice.

The funniest scene in the movie is when Htin Paw sat on a snake. He was meeting his girlfriend outside her house at night and he asked the teachers to help him. So Sai Sai took out the girl’s brothers out to drink alcohol (he didn’t drink ‘cuz he’s a teacher) while Nay Toe went to her house to chat with her father. When Htin Paw sat on the snake, he called out to his girlfriend and she went for help. Everyone gathered around him but they didn’t know what to do. One guy suggested beating up the snake along with Htin Paw :). The only solution was to grab the snake’s head so that he can get up and you have to grab from under the guy’s pasoe. When nobody volunteered, the girl’s father said he’ll grab the snake. Everyone was laughing hard and they laughed more when he grabbed the wrong one. Of course he got the snake and Htin Paw got up.

Another funny scene was when Bae Lu Was went to another village with Nay Toe (main ma twar taung tar). Before he arrived to the village, he stopped the bull dock cart and he dressed up. He washed his face, applied Ko Yar snow on the whole body making his body look extremely whte. Then he applied ready made thanka on his face and applied power all over his face and body. He looked like a white monkey. He took out a yellow silk shirt and a yellow pasoe which look like a woman’s longyi and put them on. If you know Bae Lu Wa, just imagine what I’ve described on him.

The movies wasn’t that bad. After all it’s a comedy movie. I just wish Sai Sai can act. I went to the movie to see Sai Sai and I came back watching Nay Toe. He’s not a famous actor yet but people are starting to recognize him after his Mikko coffee mix commercial. I thought Sai Sai would sing but he didn’t sing at all, not even the sing-along song. Nanda Sai fans would have been happy to hear his song in the movie. I know some people who listens to Sai Sai songs to listen only to Nanda Sai.


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