I am not really in a good mood now. I am chatting …

I am not really in a good mood now. I am chatting with a friend and my past memories from junior high school came up in my mind…bad memories. I have been trying to forget them but they are still somewhere..hiding and comeup whenever I’m feeling down. I am not saying that my life in junior high was bad all the time but there are times when my feelings were hurt and I had to keep them inside myself. I still do keep them inside myself ‘cuz it’s no use to talk about them now. I don’t want to live in the past but I can’t help thinking about them sometimes.

Changed topic…

I reinstalled Windows XP today. Now I had to reinstall softwares. I had to configure a lot of settings so I’m going to do them later on Monday. Right now I just want to relax. Funny thing is nothing is my mind except for chatting with my mind and singing along to music. On weekdays, whenever I don’t have time to surf websites…I always say I’ll do them on Saturday but when Saturday comes, I don’t feel like checking them out. Then when Monday arrive, I’ll say to myself…”Oh no, I should have do that on Saturday”. I can’t really understand myself sometimes.


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